A collection of my work during my time at 4XM and LifeLearn. Every project shown here has taught me how to work with a team to deliver the best product we could to the client. Often times the 3D model is a good representation of the end product but due to the nature of advertising, details can change in the production process. Please look through and should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

*note this section is not visible on the main website to keep my illustration work separate

Tubify Organic Freezies - Brand Design
Illustrator/Designer - Logo design, brand look/feel according to founders' ideas, packaging+layout, visual design

Club Bud - Quebec Videotron Center
4XM + Mosaic Sales and Marketing Agency
Lead Designer - concept creation with team, 3D model

Samsung + TIFF 40 Years
Designer - 3D model, print layout

Loblaws Giant Gingerbread House 2015 - Maple Leaf Square
4XM - Loblaws
Project Manager/Designer - Look/feel, layout, 3D model

Nike Vapor Exclusive Launch Event
4XM + Mosaic Sales and Marketing Agency
Project Lead - Look/feel, print layout

Smirnoff House - WayHome 2015
4XM + Mosaic Sales and Marketing Agency
Lead Designer - concept creation with team, 3D model, interior layout

Other Projects

Gift card sleeve for President's Choice
Graphic Designer - Layout + design

LifeLearn Web and Tablet App Design
LifeLearn + Parastar
Assitant Project Manager/Lead Designer - Look/Feel, animation, illustration

Review Portal Website Layout for LifeLearn (no branding applied)
Team Manager - Base model mapping, basic UI/UX, coordinated designer and programmer